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How Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile

Damaged or decayed teeth can really affect your smile and how you can use it. Luckily, CEREC dental crowns can help protect your teeth from any further damage and can reinforce your smile. Your dentists at Aspire Dental Care in Mattapoisett, MA, can help you understand how CEREC dental crowns benefit your smile and restore function and aesthetics.

What Are CEREC Dental Crowns?

CEREC crowns can be done in a same-day procedure, helping to save you time and giving you a healthy and protected smile quickly. Your dentist in Mattapoisett, MA, will first remove the decay or damage from your tooth. With CEREC same-day crowns, your dentist doesn’t have to remove as much from your tooth to accommodate the crown.

CEREC crowns use 3D technology to take pictures of your mouth and to help create a dental crown that matches your teeth in both shape and size. We will be able to create an exact fit that will seamlessly blend into your smile and look completely natural. Your crown can also be color-matched to the rest of your teeth. No one will ever know that you had a dental crown placed at all.

CEREC crowns help prevent your tooth from experiencing any future damage, such as cracking or chipping. Since you get your permanent crown in one appointment, you won’t have to worry about your temporary crown falling off or needing any adjustments. This procedure is also quick and easy, and you should be back to your routine within a few hours!

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Don’t live with a damaged tooth! Keep your smile looking healthy for longer by talking to your dentist about CEREC dental crowns. Contact Aspire Dental Care in Mattapoisett, MA, at (508) 758-4925 to learn more about dental crowns and how they can improve your smile today!


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